Bridgette Hoatson never knew that it was her destiny to run the Little Red Apple Tearooms on the Island of the Temple People until she came and found the cottage in the apple orchard. Her tearooms are a favourite meeting place for travellers who stop to chat about books and tell stories of their Lemurian Adventures in her Tea House. But, of course, she also offers classic apple cider and plenty of apple pie.

Now don’t you all be thinking that all the Lemurian Elders are elderly folk. Young Rosie Duncan came on one of the journeys and revealed wisdom beyond her years. She made the Island of the Temple People home and runs the clothing exchange. You will find the most amazing bargains in Rosie’s store. In another life she worked for a big fashion house but, tired of the corporate life, a life that stripped her of spirit, Rosie came to Lemuria and now she has found the place she likes to call home.

Zinnia Edward’s hand crafted wooden horses are highly sought after. Her carousel horses can be found at the Duwamish Marina. Each horse has a ‘spirit’ and becomes a spirit horse to any lucky individual who is able to acquire one. But like the Samuri sword maker, Zinnia will only permit those with artistic spirit to become a caretaker of one of her horses.

Bethany James reads Tarot and keeps the small apothecary on the island. She spends hours gathering herbs from the mountain sides and runs sessions making creative medicine bags. A mistress of all trades Bethany also runs the local film society and shows art films at the small retro theatre.

Gertrude Edwards runs the Three Little Pigs, a scrapbooking, visual art store to die for. Visit Gertrude and she will have any supplies that you need.

Jonas Shingles has run the Curiosity Shop, in the small village on the Island of the Temple People, for fifty years. From rabbit traps to weathervanes and enamel bread bins, there is nothing Jonas cannot find for you thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge of the bewildering stock in his store. Travellers will find anything they need at Jonas’s place.

Artist, Bob Boyle and his partner Betty have a small studio on the island. They have been together for forty five years and provide Bed and Breakfast for travellers who want to spend time with them.

Archie and Edna Hair live in a small cottage called the Arches, by the Freestone Creek, where they have been for sixty years. Hoardes of visitors come to join Archie on one of his famous treasure hunts.



Will Reilly, who used to sail the seven Lemurian seas has been combing the beaches of the Isle of the Temple People for more years than he cares to remember. Little has changed since he was a lad. You can find him on the beach or in the local tavern and he has many tales of the sea



Grace Harvey runs the music school on the island and organises chamber music evenings that are a joy to all who attend.

Tom and Dorothy Hill run the local nursery, renowned for its exotic antique roses.