My recipe for Oliebollen:

– finely chop two or three apples (about 1 and a half cups)

– soak a half cup red currants in hot water for 10 minutes

– prepare a quarter cup of fast acting yeast in one cup of warm milk and one packet of vanilla sugar (or one teaspoon sugar) let sit for about ten minutes (enough time to prepare the apples)

– to the milk mix add one egg and flour until a smooth thick consistency which is shiny is reached, don’t overwork the dough but do make sure there are no lumps

– to the dough add the fruit (if apples and currants are not to your liking try something else my sister uses raisins and my mother used red and black currants)

– let it sit in a warm draught free place (like an oven with the light bulb on) until the dough doubles in size

– preheat oil or lard in a deep fryer or deep pan to about 170 degrees Celsius

– drop rounded spoonfuls in the oil, they should turn themselves over when browned but it’s best to stand by and check that they do, remove from the pan when light golden brown

– dust with pastry sugar (mix vanilla sugar packet to two cups of sugar and run through a coffee grinder until very fine but not quite icing sugar)

– present guests with small bowls containing more powdered sugar for dipping and present large plates heaped with oliebollen

Traditionally made New Year’s eve to be shared with great numbers of friends and neighbours (where we lived in the Netherlands New Years was a spontaneous street party complete with fireworks). My recipe makes about 30 oliebollen at about 3″ (7cm) diameter.