Shreds of cloudwith pinkand silver lining.

Birds resting on the roof ridge – a feathered convention

chirping excitedly


upper breezes paint the sky

with broad strokes

dipped in passing clouds,

curved like horns of plenty.

Pink glides into

silver, then antique white

set in blue as

the sun,

a brilliant pulsating orb

appears on the stage,

commanding attentionas

as a diva commands

her audience

before lifting  her voice

to the heavens.

Life giving energy

pushes the night away,

and the darkness,

before announcing that

another day has dawned

with light to see

each other

for what we really are –

travelers on this ship of hope –

this Blue Planet.

Revel in the music

until the final note

fades in the western sky. 

It is from here,

my friends,

that we will spread our wings and fly into the unknown,

beyond our sun –.

We are the People of the Dawn.

Our day is yet to come. 

Vi Jones©December 1, 2006