One cloudy afternoon he said, “One of my greatest regrets is that you no longer are free to travel to meetings and presentations.” I nodded sadly, for it was true. His Parkinson’s has painfully slowed his gait; long periods of cramped seating are unbearable. Planes, and even auto are impractical and I was loath to leave him behind.

Then, inspiration hit…an RV, YAH!! That’s the ticket…a bathroom close by, room to get up and move around and a nice bed to relax on. So, the hunt began, and ended quickly with the realization that here in the Mid-Atlantic coastal region, there are slim pickin’s when it comes to rentals. Truth be told, there was a field of one availability, a 29’ sucker that could sleep 8, complete with living room, bath, shower, kitchen, flatscreen TV, DVD…you name it.

Now, it is true, I am slow to release my grip on inspiration, especially after screwing up enough courage to broach the subject, and watching with amazement as he rolled the idea around in his head….First doubtfully, then speculatively, and finally the faint admission: “It just might work!” My heart leaped! It had been so long since we galloped onto the open road, and I then realized how lonely he had been in his solitude, to while away the long hours each day until my return from work.

Of course, I kept the exact proportions of the iron steed to myself, wanting nothing to fly into the ointment of this great adventure. ‘Sides I was sure that adequate instructions would be forthcoming before trusting me with such a vehicle…Heh.

Charlotte (BeetleBugCoffeeMug)