Candle light flickering in the warm air, the kiss on her cheek woke her though she knew there was no one there…..Consciousness drifting, remembering. The sudden fall onto wet, slippery leaves, browns and greens of the forest floor, rain dripping through branches chilling her skin and numbing her bruised fingers. Panic filling her mind, ‘Where am I?’ ‘You’re safe, theres no harm, no harm, all is well’. Gentle hands lifted her and cradled her shoulders. Together they walked the forest path, rain changing to mist as sunlight dappled through the branches, warming her body and soul. Stopping by a pool, her companion filled a cup. ‘Drink’. Obedient in her weakness, she felt  moisture course through her body, giving life, light and strength. ‘Where am I?’ ‘You have slipped through time and between worlds. Come.’ She followed to a clearing, a small dwelling sheltered by trees and a sunlit garden.’Wait here now.’ And again,’You’re safe, Theres no harm, no harm, all is well.’ The kiss on her cheek woke her. And though she knew there was no one there she heard the same voice. ‘You slipped through time and between worlds. Your past and your future is healed, with love. Love is all there is.’ Later, walking through the forest, they picnicked in a clearing, near a small dwellling sheltered by trees, and a sunlit garden. Following the stream to a waterfall, they gathered flowers along the way. She sat watching the bright dragonflies darting amongst the spray and as she half closed her eyes, thoughts drifting. ‘They could almost be angels wings’ she heard a voice whisper, ‘Love is all there is’.