I am more and more distressed over the daily news,
especially the autrocities my country is committing
to profit but a few — while millions do not care
as long as their favorite team is ahead,
or a new video game is out —
“hope it’s a violent one!”

I dredeged up an old thought …

and expanded (papa faucon)


All Americans, and perhaps all of the Western world, are secretly members of a psycho-religious cult. Though this alliance is not the result of an overt cognitive choice, it does pervade the decision making process, and the judgment, of those enrolled. This phenomenon was aptly described in the 60’s by Professor R.S. Griffin at the University of Nevada. It is recognized by the willingness of people to ascribe to its major tenants:

• The Futility of Life
• The Imbecility of Man
• The Basic Antagonism of Nature
• The Folly of Man’s Institutions

Taken alone, each of these could be shrugged off as a perverse attitude toward living in a complex world. Together they take one to the very depths of faith, value orientation and plans for personal growth. A concern for parents and educators is not whether life citizens will come to understand these precepts, but at what age their actualization will be stifled by these realities. This ‘cusp’ will often require a decision of the ‘road not taken’ variety, e.g.:

A) I’d better get all that I can for myself before it’s too late
B) I’d better help as many people as I can because it is too late

A) I should become politically active and try to improve things
B) I’m never going to vote because it doesn’t make any difference

A) I’ll operate as if everything I hear is mostly lies
B) I’ll operate as if everything I hear has some truth

A) I’ll make all decision for myself because nobody cares
B) I’ll make no decisions for myself because nobody cares

A) I’ll immerse myself in an organized religion because I don’t wish to think
B) I’ll avoid all religious choices because I don’t wish to think

A) Being average is good and safe
B) Being average is bad and a form of genocide

A) Sex will play no part in how I run my life
B) Sex will control every part of how I run my life

A) I will support ecology programs because somebody has to
B) I care nothing about ecological programs because it won’t make any difference

A) I will go to heaven because anything will be better than this
B) I don’t believe in hell because it is here now