I think that living in a time of truly heartless attacks by global business and mergers and acquisitions mentality by governments as well that as women we see the world running contrary to everything that women hold in their nature. We see the world plundered, we see justification for poverty rather than a helping and healing hand, we see wars for the sake of war, the posturing of alpha countries, and all of them at one time or another justify this in the name of “their” god. We seek another image of “god”ess, a nurturing and healing spirit which inspires us to do better, build a better world, spread love, joy, kindness and humility.

images aletta mes 2004 I think the Madonna is so inspiring because here was a teenage mother, with bastard child who did what she had to survive and look after the child god entrusted her with. It was she who stood by her son through his entire life, he loved her enough to accompany her to a family wedding and help out when the wine ran out. His first miracle was for his mom. She stood under his cross and wrapped his lifeless body, and never did she lose composure or point blame. She was there after his death, hanging out with the Apostles. Her son was ridiculed his entire life, she stood by him. Her son was the target of government harassment, she stood by him. Inspired by the women in his life her son embraced the idea that women should be the equal of man. She was brave, dignified, not ever less than a man, in a place and time when that was radical if not downright dangerous thinking.

She was a natural to embrace in the northern bits of Europe as many of the previous prehistorical tribes had been matriarchal or at the very least near equals (celts). Negotiating with these tribes the early Christian missionary/apostles found he an easy sell among the locals and made her a focal point of the Christian religion. It is more of a European concept to worship the mother figure, with some similar stories in aboriginal cultures in North America, don’t know much about Australia, curious, though anyone?