I inherited some blocks of wood 20×20″x1.5″ and am thinking of doing a combination of woodwork and painting, meaning the frame is an integral part of the work itself. Last night I got started painting in watercolour as a base to work from. I thought the dyes would penetrate a few layers of the wood, so when shaping it is still visible enough to work as a guide. I have always had a fascination for women “floating”, probably left over from the feelings of achieving flight when I was in the ballet. Carefree, joyful. If anyone else has done work throwing an extra half dimension into a painting and has some tips? My rotary tool sits poised.


I have ten of these block, enough to put together an entire exhibit on floating women or round happy womenfolk, or whatever direction unfolds to me. My moments when the old eyes will focus have been spent looking through the blogs, what wonderful energy, enjoying it very much.

The black Madonna is wonderful. I have seen others, a Polish Madonna reproduction graces part of my hallway, my nephew brought it back from a trip a few years ago.

Living in Luxembourg is enviable. Was there whenever my mother had a singing engagement there when I was a child. We then lived in Rotterdam and later Limburg, which is very near Luxembourg. My absolute favourite place to explore in the region is Valkenburg in the very South of Limburg with it’s grottos, coves and catacombs under the ruin of St. George’s castle. Wonderful memories. I have alas, no photos of it, so if you should ever be in the neighbourhood?