The time has come

to descend and find out

who I am.

To let all the busyness fall away,

leave the ‘to do’ list undone

for a while.

Letting it go,

drifting away,

floating on the currents of the lost sea.

Lie there, empty, naked, vulnerable.

Not knowing,

not wanting to know,

not needing to know.

Just be-ing.

Forget the cry, ‘I am somebody’.

Remember I am no one, nobody.

Only spirit drifting in a vast universe of nothingness.

I embrace the emptiness that surrounds me

and let it fill my soul.

I breathe deeply from the essence of via negativa.

Becoming open to receiving the gift

that the black hole may bequeath.

It may creep up slowly and gently,

or it may arrive hurtling

like a meteorite from an exploding star.

One way or another the metamorphosis will happen,

whether I will it or not.