My heart bag joined me last December, wrapping a lovely deck of Tarot Cards from my ‘baby’ brother, Matt, as my Christmas gift.  I have velvet bags to hold each deck of Tarot Cards, and for my Rune Stones, so the black suede with blue suede fringe drawstring bag became my heart bag.

It is never closed, for hearts should always be open to the wonder in our world.  Empty, so that is is ready to be filled up with love, hope, faith, or joy; and ready to pour them out into the world as a gift.

It is also pleasant to touch, encouraging others to treat it gently, and attractive to the eyes, so they will relax and know trust.

The sturdiness of the suede symbolises the indomitable nature of the human heart, it can survive almost anything and bounce back, stronger and purer.

There are no embellishments or decorations on my Heart Bag, for two reasons;

1) Keep your life simple, to know peace,

2) To remember that true beauty needs no fancying up.